Dear Friends of the Festival,

We are postponing the launch of La Loba Festival to give ourselves more time to raise money and do this right. In the spring of 2023, we will hold a “backyard gathering”, a casual get together of photographers and other artists to enjoy an evening of work together. This will be moderately curated, but anyone can submit a proposal to present their work for 5 minutes.

While we were really excited about this year’s programming, we just need a bit more time. Meanwhile, we hope you will follow us on Instagram, join in on virtual programming and come to Charlottesville in the spring to eat good food, drink good wine and celebrate one another’s work.

We look forward to sharing updates soon,

Kaya Lee Berne and Alexandra Moreo

Photo Editor Roundtable Series

Back in April we hosted our first virtual programming, a "Photo Editor Roundtable" series meant to bring together photo editors from across the industry. Please enjoy the recording and tune in for future discussions.

We will have more information soon, we promise!

If you are interested in participating in one of the panels, please let us know.