An annual storytelling & photography festival.


Our mission is to create a community-oriented, intimate space for photographers and artists of other disciplines to gather, share work, and resurrect the inner, primordial essence that drives us all to tell stories.


Our festival was inspired by the “La Loba” archetype, Spanish for “the she wolf”, a mythical woman who for us represents the rediscovery of truth within, and our connection to one another and the earth.

As society enters a period of increased toxic tribalism and “othering,” it has become critical to bring into existence dedicated spaces that bridge gaps and enable connection and belonging. The universal facets of photography create remarkable possibilities for dialogue, and coupled with storytelling techniques, it becomes a quintessential medium for bringing people of all backgrounds together.

Our statement on diversity and inclusion.

The human mind is changing, and each new generation interacts with the world and technology differently, influencing the way we interpret reality and changing the way we tell stories. We are committed to supporting this changing narrative, accepting, and recognizing one another’s preferred identities, and normalizing a community of diverse perspectives.

As a Black, female-led organization, we are dedicated to creating spaces and resources needed for storytellers from historically underrepresented communities to thrive. In an inherently racist society, carving out spaces for people of color to create, lead and empower other people of color is an act of resistance in itself. Our organization intends to amplify these spaces while encouraging growth, healing, and creative power.




Kaya lee berne is a photo editor at national geographic magazine where she specializes in natural history and wildlife photography. Prior to this role she was a leading producer for LOOK3, Festival of the Photograph. Kaya earned a degree in neuroscience from the university of Virginia and currently resides in Charlottesville, Virginia.



Alexandra Moreo is a visual project manager for National Geographic and a photography instructor in the lower Hudson valley.

A native of New York, Alexandra attended Syracuse university, where she earned a degree in photojournalism and served as a chapter president of the national press photographers association.



Sanjay Suchak is a Charlottesville based photographer working in the fields of music and higher education. He serves as the Senior Photographer at the University of Virginia and a tour photographer for the Dave Matthews Band. He's contributed to the New York Times, National Geographic, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, ESPN and others. He is passionate about creating opportunities for the diversification of the photography community and increasing representation in publications.

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If you are interested in participating in one of the panels, please let us know.